Sunday, January 15, 2006

Return to Sender

Well, so far feedback on this blog is "your blog is really boring". Doh...I guess that is telling since this is supposed to be about the most interesting stuff that happens to me during the least that I can write about in a public forum. Anyways...I know im boring and I thats OK :P

So, a few days after I came back from my week long trip home for the holidays, my wonderful mommy decides to mail me my Christmas gifts...the ones that I couldnt fit in my carry on bag for the flight. OK...I should get these packages a few days later, right? Well one arrives 3 days later...the other has not arrived yet...more than 2 weeks after it was sent. Apparently the Postal Service will just decide to keep your packages at their facility without telling you. They deliver my mail every day. Would it be so hard for them to give me a little piece of paper saying they have it? Why do they even have it? They delivered the other package...we paid them to deliver this package...what is their motivation to keep it in storage? Last I checked, storage space costs alot of money. Your tax dollars at work for me!

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