Monday, January 09, 2006


Well, today was a boring day. Traffic was really shitty too! I did find one interesting thing to read about though (thank you Wikipedia selected article of the day). Its called the omnipotence paradox. Basically, the question is how can an omipotent god exist and how can he be omnipotent yet still fit into the logical framework of the universe. God might just decide one day to make a bowl of icecream so big that he can't eat all of it...but that would mean he's not omnipotent...but if he can't make one that big, that would also mean he's not omnipotent. Therefore, he cannot exist. I guess this is just fun play with words, but it has some interesting implications.

First, any omnipotent being can only exist outside of a logical framework to avoid paradoxical situations. Second, this being has no way of explaining its own existence. Third, understanding this inherently illogical being would be very difficult, if not impossible. Oh well, such is life.

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