Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Cat

There is a stray cat living in the parking lot. Every day that I take Peanut for a walk, we see it lurking in dark places. Of course, curiousity is one of Peanut's strong points, so she is always interested in helping the cat out of its temporary hard times with a little "friendly" play. Of course I can never let Peanut near the cat because it will certainly tear her to pieces, being her equal in size and certainly possessing the lions share of "street smarts". The cat meanwhile is perched, vulnerable, waiting for the right moment. Sometimes on the hood of a freshly driven car, absorbing the engines warmth. Other times on the edge of the storm drain, prepared to disappear into its underground comfort at any moment. What is the point of all of this you say? I don't really know. I can't decide whether I should be inspired by or feel sorry for the cat.

By the way, LastFM is freakin awesome. Web2.0 will change the world.

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