Sunday, January 29, 2006


Apparently in the past few weeks I have gotten more lazy with respect to posting entries here. I'm not exactly sure why that is...but I would like to propose a few reasons:

1. My fingers have a severe form of arthritis and I cant type fast anymore
2. I have been too busy playing World of Warcraft to make time for living my life
3. My dog ate my computer
4. I forgot my password
5. Nothing interesting has happened to me in the past week
6. I have been too busy saving the world from a secret alien power beyond your comprehension
7. My ninja training kept me "tied up"
8. My extra curricular activities kept me "tied up"
9. I had bird flu
10. I really did write interesting and thoughtful posts, but MySpace lost them somehow

I submit that one of the above is the true reason...see if you can guess which one!

Come to my superbowl party...the power of Christ compells you!

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