Sunday, January 08, 2006

Congratulations! You've Been Selected! Free 42" Plasma TV

Nothing makes me more upset than when people shrug off their own bad habbits, blaming fate or inevitability for the future consequences of their actions. My mom thinks that this behavior is somehow associated with peoples religious beliefs. I cant believe that either because I know that these people are, or at least claim to be christians. Christianity teaches that people ARE responsible for their actions, otherwise, there wouuld be no point in appealing to a god. Do these people even pay attention when they go to their church? In fact, I know of no religion that teaches complete can someone function in complete denial?

Im worried about a friend...he feels responsible for a bad accident and he just cant seem to deal. His girlfriend of 14 years just left him and hes turned to the bottle...dunno what to do :(

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