Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow RoX

Well, seems I have been negligent in my weather geekiness. Unforgivably so. After, or some might say in the midst of one of the worst winters in recent memory, we get a surprise snow storm that dumps more snow in my back yard than anywhere else on the east coast...with the exception of central park in NYC. How much snow do you ask? 21" measured by me personally and a whole bunch of other people around the Columbia area.

Not only was the snow abundant, but it came down incredibly quickly. The storm lasted approximately 12 hours, meaning we averaged almost 2" per hour during that time. At approximately 2 a.m. I was driving home during the height of the storm (dont ask me why) and I saw numerous flashes of lightning. My first experience with a true thundersnow storm was memorable indeed. Can't wait for number two...could it be next year?

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