Monday, August 28, 2006

planes crash sometimes

So I am scanning my news feeds this morning when I suddenly notice that there was been a DOMESTIC plane crash...yesterday...killing approximately 50 people.  The first thing that pops into my mind is: how did it take so long for me to hear about this?  I generally consider myself pretty well informed about the news so I head over to CNN to get more details.  Once again, I am shocked to find that this story isn't even the headline on their website.

I just have to wonder how much bigger this story would have been if some "terrorist" had decided to blow up the plane rather than whatever stupid mistake happened resulting in the plane taking off on the wrong runway.  Would the bombing had made air travel any less safe than this tragedy?  Just another example of how retarded the news industry has become.  Hopefully the Homeland Security people will effect an immediate ban on short runways to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again.  Might as well bulldoze a bunch of houses and make them all 10 miles long...can't be too "safe".

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