Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dont let the tabs control you!

The biggest shortcoming of the epiphany web browser in my opinion is the inability to dynamically modify the size of tabs so once you have too many open, you cant see them all at once. Fortunately, epiphany has an amazingly simple interface to create browser extensions to modify its behavior. Save the python code below in the .gnome2/epiphany/extensions folder as tabs-left.py

#!/usr/bin/env python

"""A simple extension to move the browser tabs to the left."""

import epiphany

def attach_window(window):
notebook = window.get_notebook()

def detach_window(window):
notebook = window.get_notebook()

And save the code below in the same folder in the file tabs-left.ephy-extension. Restart Epiphany and you will have a new extension appear under tools. Once selected, browser tabs will appear along the left side of the browser window rather than the top, allowing for a much larger number of tabs to be visible at once at the expense of some screen real estate. A fair tradeoff in my opinion.

[Epiphany Extension]
Name=Tabs to Left
Description=Moves the browser tabs to the left side of the window. Also, tabs can be closed by middleclicking.



diego said...


Have you added an entry for this in Epiphany's third party extensions wiki?

http://live.gnome.org/Epiphany (some page I don't remember, search for "extensions").


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