Thursday, May 11, 2006

Post Horsey Mortem

Well my fears of sore legs after the horse riding excursion did not come to fruition. However, there was another sort of pain during the ride but I'll spare you the details. Needless to say, the greatest impediment to me running well in my race the next morning at 8:30 was the lack of sleep and the number of beers I had the night before.

Race Details

In any case, the race was by far the largest I have ever been involved in. The organizers said there were approximately 6000 run/walkers and I have no doubt that this was true. It was truly inspiring to be able to pass so many people at the start of the race. What is better motivation than racing a bunch of slow walking people? Anyways, here are my results...about what I expected.

235 35/103 1992 Rodney Jokerst 26 27:24 24:30 7:54

Now I just need to find one more race to run at the end of the summer...inspiration to keep myself in shape and just enough time to train to be my 24:30 time :)

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