Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Divorcing Religion

Ran across an interesting article that led me to this website:

Apparently, these crazy folks have been doing alot of research on the religious affiliation of divorcees and some of the results are kinda sorta surprising. In particular those born-again crazies that always claim moral superiority have, at best, the exact same divorce rate (~35%) as most other religions including atheists. That's right...even the fear of Jesus Christ can't scare these people into suffering through the brutalities of a bad marriage. Interestingly, catholics had one of the lowest rates at 25%. I guess my former life as a catholic might be worth something afterall.


- mZ - said...

My mom had this friend in Colorado that married a converted Jew. He was a Buddhist beforehand, but he got into Judaism big time, and married this woman, whom he had met at the synagogue. They got divorced a few years later, and he's since moved onto the next wife and religion in the rotation.

Rodney said...

Yay my first comment ever :)

Thats too bad he converted the world could always use more Buddhists